Turnkey Workflow Software Solutions

Maximum Integrated Solutions specialises in turnkey workflow software solutions. We provide an end-to-end solution for your workflow problems that results in greater efficiencies, fewer errors and increased productivity.

This all-encompassing approach is unique to Maximum Integrated Solutions as it includes all three critical components of the workflow solutions process. The elements are the elicitation of the specifications for the project, expert coding and software development, followed by comprehensive QA and QC.

At this point in your project, our team of onshore and offshore coders use the four outputs from the elicitation process in the discovery phase to either develop a complete software solution from scratch or custom code modules to supplement your existing legacy systems.

Web & mobile applications

We have the capacity to develop both user-friendly and scalable web and mobile applications to customise your business processes and simplify your operations. We take care of all aspects of the software development including the design, layout and processes, as well as the final user experience of these applications.

For web applications, our expertise encompasses the development of content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management systems (CRM), loyalty and referral marketplaces, complex payments and transactions, database design, and so on.

For mobile applications, our expertise encompasses iOS and Android simultaneous development, mobile content management systems (CMS), mobile analytics and commerce systems, marketplace environments, and so on.

Our coders are able to operate in a variety of software languages, as follows:

Providing automation software solutions is just one of the three key components in our holistic, end-to-end workflow package. Our turnkey solutions also include a detailed design specification discovery phase and comprehensive QA and QC.