A leading Australian SaaS ERP consists of three software modules specifically designed for the transport and logistics industry. It is one of the most advances cloud-based transport management systems available for the industry.
GRABiD Chauffeur SaaS platform consists of three software modules specifically designed for the people transport and parcel delivery industry.

GRABiD is a passenger mobile application that enables booking of both parcel delivery (up to 20kg) and multi-functional rides utilising 3rd party fleets of taxis, economy rideshare drivers and luxury hire service fleets.

AUCTN is a powerful cloud-based SaaS platform offering live low latency video streaming, sophisticated auction bidding and eSigning for a wide range of industries.

DigiProp is a modern digital sales channel which uses sophisticated technological workflow to more efficiently sell off the plan apartments using 3 methods: private sale, auction sale and make an offer. DigiProp is used as a white label project specific branded portal by real estate agents and property developers.

Alpha marketplace creator is a complete and comprehensive framework for bricks and mortar retailers, shopping centres & brands who want a turnkey mobile loyalty & marketing solution to improve customer loyalty, intimacy & conversion by accurately detecting their physical micro location and presenting them with targeted offerings.

PingComms is a wholesale SMS provisioning system used by cloud software providers.

A world-first IoT wearable SaaS platform that consists of three software modules: OH&S and task monitoring, HR & Staff Management for and facility management and Work Order Workflow Management. Vrify is ideal for hospitals, aged care, construction sites, property / facility managers and shopping centres.

Bazaar is Australia’s Number 1 B2B SaaS portal that streamlines procurement processes by optimising workflow management.

A complete feature framework used to quickly and cost effectively create bespoke solutions for day hospitals and medical specialist centres.