Maximum Integrated Solutions employs coders who are experienced with all development languages, including React Native, PHP, Java/Java Script, Python, ReactJS, NodeJS, Kotlin (Android Native) and Swift (iOS Native).

Unlike many other software development companies, Maximum Integrated Solutions provides a turn-key service that includes three key components of the software development process. These components are the elicitation of your requirements and product specification, software coding, and QA and QC oversight.

We provide a complete turn-key software solution that greatly benefits from our detailed specifications, flawless coding and thorough quality assurance and control.

Maximum Integrated Solutions has entered into joint partnerships with a select few of our customers in the past and we will likely do so again in the future.

The Business Analysis & Requirement Building phase has four main outputs: the Master Story List (MSL), data maps, flow diagrams and wireframes. These outputs are used to ensure that the software is fit for purpose prior to handing over the system to the customer. This process makes sure that the deliverables expected by the customer are as included in the original specifications. These specified deliverables ensure that the coders complete the development task within the set deadlines and with fewer issues. Without this type of detailed preparation and specification process, the client is often left with their expectations unfulfilled. Unfortunately, this is often the situation with other typical software development companies.

We use a modified, functional AgiFall methodology as this provides us with a mix of the best from both the Agile and Waterfall methodologies. It also excludes needless elements that tend to be pervasive and unproductive.

Whilst thorough testing is an essential part of software development, QA and QC are both key processes that identify and correct functional and non-functional issues well before the software is publicly implemented. Once our QA team has completed their tasks, our QC team confirm that the performance of the software matches the detailed specifications that were created in the Business Analysis & Requirement Building phase. This ensures that the deliverables are as expected by the client.