Implementation Of Workflow Solutions

Maximum Integrated Solutions creates software workflow solutions to suit your organisation’s requirements. Unlike other workflow solution companies who only provide the automation software to their clients, we provide all three key elements of the developmental process. These include detailed specifications of the problems obtained via expert elicitation, expert coding of the automation software solutions, and QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control).

However, at the project implementation stage of the process, we need to ensure that the deliverables seamlessly reflect your requirements. Therefore, we return to the specifications required by your organisation to create greater efficiencies, fewer errors and increased productivity, that were developed in the initial discovery phase of the project.

At the implementation stage our team of experts ensure that every single box has been ticked before going live. We confirm that the software is operating within the correct server environment, that all user manuals are complete and that all relevant staff have been trained in the use of the software or other materials that were specified. We also ensure that all QA and QC tasks are complete and that the automation workflow software solutions are as specified in the initial Business Analysis & Requirement Building phase.

We also provide all the support needed for your staff to come quickly up to speed with the new software or other solutions that have been delivered. Project implementation is an essential process and training and getting buy-in from staff are key to the success of any new implementation.