End-To-End key Design Elements

Maximum Integrated Solutions provides holistic, end-to-end automation workflow solutions to organisations. Unlike other workflow solution companies, however, we provide all three critical components of the process: detailed identification of the required specifications, flawless coding of the automation software, and detailed QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control). It is this turnkey approach that makes Maximum Integrated Solutions a leading force within the industry.

In the project design stage of the process, we use all the information obtained in the discovery phase to specify the exact requirements of the project. In other words, we create workflow solutions that perfectly reflect your requirements and result in greater efficiencies, fewer errors and increased productivity.

The most effective solutions may include developing new workflow software or integrating new modules within your current legacy systems. It may include streamlining your processes by creating new methods of documentation or developing new documents to fill gaps that have been identified. Your workflow solutions may even be a mix of many different technologies with the overall aim of driving real value.

If the specifications for the project require new workflow automation software, then we focus on both UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface). UX deals with the purpose and functionality of the software and UI with the quality of the user’s interactions with the software. Essentially, we identify what does and doesn’t work across your organisation’s systems and use this information to drive the design of your new software.

Whatever challenges and issues were identified in the discovery phase of your project (Business Analysis & Requirement Building), Maximum Integrated Solutions uses these specifications to develop the exact details of your required solutions. Once the project is fully formed and specified, we move onto the software development stage – if software is part of your organisation’s technological solution. Otherwise, we focus on the workflow solutions that have been identified in the discovery phase.