Reliable, Ongoing Updates & Debugging

Maximum Integrated Solutions provides turnkey, automation software workflow solutions to our clients who need to reduce workflow inefficiencies and errors and increase productivity. Our offering is unique, because unlike other workflow software companies, we provide all three of the critical stages of the process. These stages include the detailed elicitation of the specifications required by your company, the expert coding of the automation software and the QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control) strategies that are included in the developmental process.

However, we also provide a comprehensive post-delivery support system to our clients. This means that we can continually update your new software and fix any bugs or problems that may eventuate in the future. We also provide enhancements to the software, at your request, so that you can continue to improve on your workflow solutions.

Our developers and coders provide a fast response to all enquiries, whether via email, phone, instant messaging or Skype. They offer an ongoing bug fixing and troubleshooting resource for your employees but can also train your in-house developers to provide this support, if you prefer.

Whether you need daily software support, system upgrades or further automation software enhancements, our team of expert developers and coders provide an efficient and cost-effective service to your organisation.