Complete Design & Testing Participation

Maximum Integrated Solutions provides end-to-end, software solutions for organisations. Unlike other workflow software companies, however, we provide three key components that are critical to the developmental process: detailed specifications of the problems, flawless coding of the automation software and comprehensive QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control) strategies that blend seamlessly into the software development cycle.

Our highly qualified and experienced QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control engineers not only participate in the product design process to ensure testability of the final product, but they also conduct unit and integration testing in accordance with overall QA and QC processes. At Maximum Integrated Solutions, the QA and QC phases are an integral part of the software development process that ensures a quality product for the client.

The majority of other software development companies only focus on the unit and integration testing, leaving any QA and QC processes to the client. This is one of the areas where we excel – in providing a complete, turnkey automation workflow solution that is fully tested.

Our QA services are orientated towards preventing problems and include the following:

Our dedicated QC team is highly trained at performing infrastructure analysis, developing test plans, assessing automation potential and defining and executing critical test cases. Their tasks take place after the QA team have completed their checks and consist of verifying that the performance of the software matches the detailed specifications that were created during phase one – Business Analysis & Requirement Building.

Our QC services are orientated towards detecting problems and include the following: